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LifeTravel 3D/2N Azerbaijan, Nabran No.2 (Booking Fee of USD 199)

Khachmaz district located in the north-west of the country covers the most part of Samur –Davachi lowlands and in the north borders the Russian Federation. Besides Khachmaz city the district includes Khudat city, Yalama settlement, Nabran tourist area and some dozens of villages.
More than 60 monuments of history and culture are preserved in the district.

Among them are: mosques of the XIX century in the villages Morug-oba, Uzun-oba, Tagar-oba; mosque and madrasa of Shah Abbas of the XV-XVI centuries in the village Garagutlu; ancient settlements and tumulus related to the Bronze Age and located near villages Mollaburhan, Khulovlu, Garadjik, Hasangala; medieval settlements at the villages Janahir and Bostanchi. Shikhlar village has a mosque of Sheikh Yusif (XV century) – one of the earliest monuments related to mausoleums which were widely used in construction within XVI – XVII centuries. At the top of the mountain Galadag you can still see the ruins of the fortress Gyaurgala. Railway station and water tower built at the beginning of XX century (1900 – 1903) are of interest and still in working condition.

Khachmaz has a rich flora and fauna. 20 800 hectares of land area are covered by forests, 8 rivers run there and there are 3 artificial lakes. The climate is temperate, there are thermal and mineral springs. The flora of the area is represented by medical plants, such as rose, loach, St. John’s - wort, willow, lemon balm etc.
Guests will be glad to see the animal world of this area: it is a home to wild boars, raccoons and in foothills a running through the deer can be seen. There are good opportunities for hunting and fishing in this area. The Gulaln reserve is located here. The most popular recreational area in the country – Nabran  is located here at no doubt.

Presumably the name “Nabran” came from the Russian word “nabirat” (“recruit”) when by decree of Peter I people was recruited to catch sturgeon to the king’s table. Fishermen were forced to settle in the village of the same name. They had fishery up to 70th of the XX century in this village.

Here in a beautiful place, where forests are adjacent to the sandy beaches the tourist infrastructure is highly developed: many hotels, hostels, guest houses are built. Conditions in there are different – from luxury hotels and cozy cottages for small number of visitors to the tent camps.
Nabran resorts are climatic resorts in Azerbaijan. The local sea water, hot sand and sunbathing are considered extremely useful for recreation and treatment of many diseases.
Nabran is always crowded in pick season because thousands of tourists from all over the country and from abroad come here to take a break from working days. There are relict forests here with many ancient beeches and elms.

Among the most popular tourist centers are Atlant, Palma, Malibu, Sahil, Lotos, Green Ville, etc. The most popular entertainments for holidaymakers are water parks, swimming pools, riding on scooters, “bananas”, paintball, soccer, beach volleyball, tennis, badminton, etc. Many restaurants offering delicious national and European cuisine are functioning on the coast. Bars and discos are working until dawn.

Staying at one of the hotels in Nabran you can easily make trips and excursions to nearby towns and surrounding districts: to go to Khachmaz with its shady parks and cozy tea houses, explore the ancient fortress in Khudat city, to go to the sauna with healing thermal waters in Khudat or to pay a visit to the Olympic complex in Gusar. It is worth to look at “Iron Gates” of  Derbent fortress and places of stay of ancient man.
Tourists love to visit the Nabran. This area is well known worldwide. Everyone wants to enjoy the sun lying on a sandy beach and in the evening to taste a kebab sturgeon. And go back home remembering local forests and clean air in order to come back here again.

The 3 days / 2 nights package includes:

  • 2 nights’ accommodation at selected resorts in Azerbaijan, Nabran
  • A list of participating resorts/hotels is available - please check with any of our Customer Experience Ambassadors
  • Travel validity period of within 1 year from date of purchase

Terms & Conditions

  • Reservation is subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • LifeTravel reserves the right to replace or provide alternative accommodation of a reasonable similar category if the selected resort/hotel is unavailable.
  • Maximum occupancy of 2 persons per room, no extra bed is allowed.
  • Booking Fee of USD 199 is applicable at the point of reservation.
  • To the package is included the breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • All rooms offered are standard rooms only.
  • No extra bed is allowed.
  • Booking must be made at least 30 days prior to check-in date and confirmation is subject to availability. Booking must be made to (Please quote “Azerbaijan, Nabran No.2” during booking).
  • Once booking is confirmed, NO CANCELLATION is allowed.
  • Guest Certificate Fee of USD 50 is applicable if accommodation is assigned to a person/s other than the registered buyer.
  • Package is NON-REFUNDABLE and not valid during peak season or major holidays in the Azerbaijan, Nabran.
  • Utilisation validity of within 1 year from date of purchase. NO EXTENSION of validity period is allowed.
  • This package is NOT for resale or commercial purpose.
  • Resort listing is subject to change and at the discretion of LifeTravel.